The boat today

Nymphea is a fast 60 foot boat with a lot of sail area.

We typically cover 200 Nautical miles a day without stressing the boat or the crew.

The engine can run non stop for 10 days with the fuel capacity on board. 

Water supply is enough and with some care we easily have water for an Atlantic Crossing or equivalent.

The boat can be sailed by 2 persons with some experience. Instruments and radar adds to the safety and the boat has all needed and approved safety gear.

There is room for 6, but 4 is a comfortable number on board as the boat was build for two.

The front cabin is relatively big but has the most comfortable bed.

Galley and fridge system work well and the boat is simple to make it easy to work on board in all conditions.

All electric system has been renewed and lighting is good and plenty for safety and comfort

Systems work well and most on deck is manual. All sails are hoisted by you and a winch. This gives natural appetite and also good feeling of the power of the boat. There is hardly ever water on deck from sailing as the boat is long and narrow and the water does not reach up unless a wave hits.

Nymphea is a true long tour sailer and have proved to be so. We have logged maybe 1/2 of the miles sailed. The boat has an extensive history and all work is done by professionals. Every time we take the boat out for a sail we learn a little bit about the way the boat likes to perform and every time we come home with a feeling of a good sail.

Nymphea sail with guests/crew on longer trips and we do take an occasional charter if asked. We have over the years had 194 crew members from the Danish Long tour sailer club FTLF and most likely as many private individuals.

Summer 2013 Nymphea had, for the first time, a permanent crew member to get more sailing out of the short New England season.This was a very good solution and if we can do same thing next season we like to do so. We also now have contact to the builder of the boat. 

We hope to see you on board for a trip or a day sail in the future.