The keel is bolted on the hull and after soda blasting the entire bottom we vacuum bagged 4 layers of glass with epoxy onto the keel to incooperate the keel into the hull for future leaks between keel and hull. This also made the boat much stronger under water.

The hull and deck got painted with awlgrib after a winters sanding at the painters place.

​The bottom got faired and sanded whereafter it got 7 coats of water barrier. Thereafter it was bottom painted with Petits Vivid as that is the only EU

approved bottom panit type that can be found in the USA.

Inside almost all interior has been changed, painted, varnished, renewed, remodeled to be a bit more up to date for comfort and safety

recent renovation process

​Over the 20 years present owner had the boat it has been completely rebuild , but no major changes have ever been done to the original plans.

The hull is made of mahogany cold moulded with epoxy glue. The topsides were not in need of repair so they are still the original once as they were over the fresh water sitting in the boat for years

Everything under the floor boards have been restored and reinforced with structure of marine plywood and also been reinforced with 12 layers of fiber glass and vacuumed epoxy/polyester.

A holding tank has been build in the bottom under the floor boards.